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Attendance and Class Size

Regular attendance is expected of all students. After a third absence, students may be automatically dropped. There are no excused absences in adult school.

High School Diploma Program


Turlock Adult School is a state-approved high school program designed to assist adults in the completion of graduation requirements. If you are planning to graduate from Turlock Adult School you must fill out a graduation application with a counselor. Completed applications are required of all graduates. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that he or she is cleared for graduation.

Registration begins January 9th, 2018. Adults have priority when enrolling in all classes (per California Education Code). Textbooks are available for student use in classrooms only.

A minimum of 180 credits is required in order to graduate from Turlock Adult School. The following subject areas are required to qualify for graduation:

Subject Area Requirements

Mathematics 10
Algebra 10
American Government/Economics 10
English 30
Fine Arts/Foreign Language/Career Technical Education 10
Physical Education 10
Biological Science 10
U.S. History 10
World History 10
Electives 60